High Performance Athletes

Who We Are

Our race team represents the best of what cycling is all about: We are passionate riders obsessed with improving our fitness, skills, and results. In every cycling discipline - cross country, road, TT, and cross - we field competitive riders that are true ambassadors for our sport.

With an infectious enthusiasm, our team riders hit the Ontario Cup races and select endurance events and look to set new benchmarks for themselves on the path to becoming the best cyclist one can be.

Everything you may have thought of organized racing, we are not. We take competition as seriously as anyone, but our most fundamental goals revolve around personal development, sportsmanship, ambassadorship, and sharing our passion for all things two-wheeled.

We are a group of rabid cycling fans that travel together, train together, pre-ride together, and encourage one another. It's almost like an extended family - the Spoke O'Motion family.

Brandon Wright

When an emerging talent is identified, it must be fostered, gently guided, occasionally prodded, and rewarded for success.

Brandon embodies all of the core values that Team Spoke O'Motion holds dear. Never brash or cocky, Brandon approaches his craft with all the cool reserve of a veteran racer and has committed himself to Coach Cooney in hopes that he, too, may one day stand atop the provincial podium.

Like many of Ontario's most successful cyclists, Brandon cut his teeth at our Spoke O'Motion Weekly Race Series and used 2013 as an opportunity to try his hand at a few provincial level events.

2014 will be Brandon's first year as part of an organized team and we are thrilled to see how Brandon has progressed in his time on the bike so far. More than this, though, we are excited to embark with him on his journey of self discovery as he learns just how far he can push his mind and body as he works towards becoming a champion.

Chris Reid

One of a handful of riders that is truly responsible for the explosion of mountain biking in Ontario in the early 90s, we all now stand on the shoulders of cycling giants like Chris.

We all owe this man an extraordinary amount for his ambassadorship for the sport, his unending efforts at trail building and maintenance, his support of the local shops, and his inspirational performance.

The word "statesman" is about the only one I could come up to describe Chris' profound impact on the sport. So, on behalf of every mountain biker in Ontario: Thank you, Chris. Your passion and commitment to the sport is only overshadowed by your continued awesome performance.

2013 marked the first year that Chris flew under the Spoke O'Motion banner and it was one filled with a whole pile of shiny hardware. Perhaps the most touching moment was when his daughter, Carys Reid, an exceptional young cyclist in her own right, awarded Chris his medal at the Sir Sam's Ontario Cup.

Now this is the hallmark of a cycling family - and just maybe the start of a dynasty!

Needless to say, we are honoured to have Chris riding with us again for 2014 and look forward to watching Chris boost his medal count in another exceptional season.

Dave Knights

Dave is a local hero who battles fires by day and singletrack by night. Consider him a modern day cycling superhero of sorts.

This mild-mannered competitor is a verteran Ontario Cup mountain bike racer and is looking to climb through the sport class ranks as the season progresses. To broaden his skill set, Dave is also venturing into some O'Cup Road racing this year and I am excited to see our road presence continuing to grow.

Dave is also a long-standing competitor at our weeky MTB race series at Coulson Hill where he is always a threat in the Master Expert category.

Always a gentleman and with an easy-going spirit to match, Dave is a valuable club member who reminds us that you don't have to be cranked up on testosterone to be a strong athlete.

You couldn't ask for a nicer guy to have your back.

Dustin Sampson

Returning to the Spokes team for his second season, Dustin's love of cycling knows no bounds. With a new Norco Tactic LTD under his control for this season Dustin is sure to experience acceleration like he has never felt before. (His continually improving fitness won't hurt either!)

Dustin is sure to make some waves as he learns to navigate through the strategic challenges on Ontario Cup Road Racing. With road racing, fitness is only part of the equation. With some solid teamwork and a few more races under his belt, we all hope to see Dustin hit the podium before the 2014 season is out.

Kelly Cullen

With her experience as a fully self-supported cycling tourer, Kelly has conquered more elevation than every other rider on our team combined.

Boasting two tours through British Columbia and Alberta (one clockwise, one counter clockwise...to those "in-the-know", it matters), several tours through Ontario, and an east coast adventure through Nova Scotia, Kelly has ridden a loaded 60-pound bike over almost every major mountain pass in Canada.

No surprise, then, that Kelly totalled the women's field in the 2008 Ontario Cup Hill Climb Championships. Not only did she beat the riders in her category handily, Kelly`s time remained unchallenged in 2009 despite her absence from the scene.

With the birth of her two wonderful boys, racing has admittedly taken the back seat for the few years, but 2012 saw Kelly collect a bunch of shiny hardware for her multiple podium finishes on both road and mountain. Kelly know what it takes to win and is super stoked to be back in the saddle for another exciting season of racing for 2014.

Myles Cullen

While writing about myself seems a little narcissistic, my love of cycling has brought me my greatest pleasures in life - and even found me my lovely wife!

Myles is the quintessential all-rounder. Whether competing in road, cross country, or even downhill racing, his combination of fearlessness, bike skills, and (occassionally) fitness, ensure that he is always a podium threat.

But beyond the Canada Cup XC podium, Provincial Road Race Championship win, Provincial Hill Climb Championship win, numerous Ontario Cup XC championship wins, countless Ontario Cup XC podiums, a Paris to Ancaster silver medal (mixed), numerous 24-hour wins (including a solo 24-hour campaign) is a rider looking to give back to the sport.

Due to the demands of running a bike shop and spending time with his young family, Myles' fitness may wax and wane, but his commitment to developing others love of cycling never wavers.

From hosting free spin classes for young athletes, to getting riders involved in local trail maintenance, Myles is focussed on bringing new blood into our sport and establishing cycling as an integral part of the fabric of our community.

Nigel Read

Nigel represents what is best about the sport - both on and off the bike. A relative newcomer to the sport, Nigel has jumped into cycling with both feet after a very successful career in Enduro motorcross. The bike handling skills and ability to nail clean lines have transferred to the self-powered realm very effectively and Nigel has been engulfed by the passion for riding that engulfs us all.

Off the bike, Nigel is the first guy to lend a hand with trail maintenance, club duties, or group rides. An advocate who will profess his love for the sport (and the sweet equipment involved!) to just about anyone who will listen, I have, on several occasion, overheard Nigel offer sage advice to Spokes customers while he hangs out at the shop.

Nigel is looking to make his mark on the Ontario Cup MTB scene and has his sights set on the podium for 2014. In a competitive field, he has his work cut out for him but Nigel is nothing if not committed.

Paul Cooney - Racer & Team Coach

Paul Cooney has been a staple on the Ontario cycling scene for as long as I can remember.

This local teacher, husband, and father of three manages to balance his time between his career, his family, his training, and his training business - LTD Performance Cycling - better than anyone I have ever seen.

This same methodical approach is what makes Paul such a weapon on the race course.

Always amongst the fastest riders in the country, Paul continually demonstrates the fitness and handling skills that define the very elite in the sport.

With this long term commitment to skills development and training science, Paul is an amazing addition to our Team. His role as both Team Rider and Team Coach add both depth to our program and help redefine Spoke O'Motion's commitment to grassroots cycling.

2013 saw Paul win numerous Ontario Cup cross country races. So dominant was Paul's performance, he walked away as the 2013 Ontario Cup Provincial Champion in his category. As Paul clearly has access to exceptional coaching, there is no doubt that Paul will settle for nothing less than a repeat championship victory for the 2014 season. 

Steve Prosser

A perrenial entertainer and crowd-pleaser, Steve is the only rider I have ever know who will gleefully cross an Ontario Cup finish line in a crazy catwalk with one hand off of the bars waving his arm in victory (or defeat!).

This good-willed, easy going nature is at the very heart of Steve's personality. This guy would give you his last spare tube in an instant if it would get you across the finish line.

But more than just a passionate rider, Steve is driven to excel. With a long history of Ontario Cup wins and podium finishes, Steve stepped up his game in 2013. Most notable were his two outright victories in Senior Expert - the first win at the season opener at Woodnewton and the second came at a new venue, Sir Sam's.

Following these two wins, Steve moved up a class and joined the highest level of racing in the country - Pro Elite. Competing against seasoned professionals, Steve had a strong 27th place showing at the National Championships at Hardwoods Hills.

In addition to these stellar results, Steve also retained his Spoke O'Motion Weekly Series Championship crown for 2013. Beyond any doubt, Steve has proven himself to be the winningest rider in our series history and there is no sign of that slowing down any time soon.