Weekly MTB Race Series


The original.

The often imitated, but never duplicated...that is the legend of Coulson Hill racing.

One of the foundational series on which mountain biking in Ontario has arisen. Home track for Canadian National Champion Andrew Watson, Olympian Ed Veal, and X-Games World Champion Brett Rheeder.  This is truly the birthplace of champions yet never loses it's fun and family appeal.

The Coulson Hill weekly series is one of the longest continually running cycling events in Canada.

Throughout this history, great friendships have been forged, skills tested, and endurance pushed to it's limits. But despite the different skill levels and riding expectations of our participants, we always return to one fundamental truth: The riders who join us at Coulson Hill leave with an experience that will forever change them.

The sense of accomplishment and exhilaration will get you addicted. And you will ride more. And you will get stronger and fitter. And you'll have the time of your life doing it! But don't say I didn't warn you.

What makes our series unique is the broad skill and age range that we draw. For example, our youngest rider was only 4 years old and our oldest, 69 years. No other series in Ontario is as family focussed and fun-oriented as the Spoke O'Motion Weekly Race Series.



The races run every Wednesday from April 26th to September 6th, 2017.

Racing starts at 7pm sharp and courses are open for pre-riding from approximately 5pm on race day.

The courses remain marked throughout the week although some signage may be missing or incorrect.

  • Multiple categories - every rider will find someone at their skill level
  • Expert (open age)
  • Grand Master Open (age 50+)
  • Master Expert (age 40+)
  • Sport Women (open age)
  • Master Sport Men (age 40+)
  • Senior Sport Men (age 20-39)
  • Junior Sport Men (up to age 19)
  • Novice Men (open age)
  • Novice Women (open age)
  • Mini-Me (under 12)
      • Race length varies depending on category (~1-4.5km)
      • Overall race length is ~40-60 minutes (~20-30 minutes for Mini-Me)
      • Courses are always fresh! A new course is created from scratch every other week - no two are alike.
      • Courses are meticulously groomed, safe, and well marked. More than 10 hours/week goes into course preparation.
      • Participate often for Championship Points
      • Medals & prizing for top 3 in each category
      • Weekly draw prizes
      • Factory demo days
        • Ride bikes from a variety of different manufacturers - real "in the dirt" test rides!

      Nat Roy, the best rep in the business,
      dishing the goods on the Norco product during
      an earlier Norco Factory Demo Day



      • An Ontario Cycling Association Citizen’s Permit must be purchased by every participant (unless you are have a valid OCA/UCI permit.
      • These permits are not available on-site. They MUST be purchased online from the OCA before you participate in your first race! Link
      • This is a non-negotiable insurance issue. "Test rides" or "tryouts" are not permissable under any circumstances. Single-day licenses are also unavailable.
        • A bicycle in safe operating condition with at least one functioning brake.
        • A properly fitted CPSC-certified bicycle helmet.
        • The first time you join us, please try to arrive by 6pm. This will allow time for paperwork, number plate assignment and a pre-ride of the course.



        • Race plate - $6 annual fee
        • Races are $14 each (20 races total)
        • Seasons packages are available for $240 including race plate (SAVE $46!)


        We love our family. That includes our extended family that rides with us at our series. And we want EVERY member of the family to get out there and ride. So we've introduced an awesome way for families to save money. After all: The family that rides together, strides through life together. (Yeah...I just made that lameness up!)

        Due to riders neglecting to bring their race plates to the event - and the timing difficulties that ensue - there will be a $5 fee for riders participating without their race plate. Temporary plates wil be issued in this circumstance.
        Lap times will not be counted without a clearly visible plate.



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