Let our expert mechanics get your bike ready for Spring

Get your bike in before Feb 29 and get exclusive offers on service!


For the first 20 people who want to take advantage of this offer, we will come and pick-up your bike or bikes, bring them to our shop, make them perfect for spring and then drop them off back at your house. Stress free.

We offer two packages you can choose from. Both packages are really in-depth and thorough for all makes and models of bikes. Even the Minor Tune-Up takes your wheels off and they get put in our truing stand for tension and a true. You bike gets a nice clean, all the nuts and bolts get touched, gears get tunes and brakes get dialled in. Every single bike leaves here safe and sound. No matter the quality of bike, they are all family to us.

Purchase the Minor Tune-up Between Now and February 29th, 2020 and get a FREE  $50.00 Gift Card

The Annual Tune-Up is a complete tear down to the frame. The entire drive train gets taken off the bike and soaked in our temperature set ultrasonic parts washer. Every bearing gets hand picked out of the bike, cleaned, and packed back into their homes with a fresh blanket of grease. The bike will get totally gone through and will leave here brand new. 

Purchase the Annual Tune-Up Between Now and February 29th, 2020 and get a FREE  $100.00 Gift Card

When all your friends are fighting the spring bike shop rush you can be out riding your bike!

Let us make this riding season hassle free.

Contact us today!

-Valid NOW until February 29/2020

-Pickups only within a 15km radius of the store

-Gift cards cant be used to purchase tune-ups until after February 29th, 2020