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Correcting poor riding posture, increasing power, injury prevention, improving comfort are the most obvious advantages. Pain, numbness and swelling are usually signs of a poor fit, especially in the foot, neck and lower back. During the fit, you'll also receive coaching tips that will improve your technique and increase performance.


It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned vet or a first time road rider just getting his feet wet, if you want to get the most out of your cycling experience, then you should get a professional fit done. Many long time friends and teammates have had some pretty deeply held preconceptions smashed after receiving their first fits. Performance and enjoyment inevitably improves. And, if you are just starting, don't develop bad habits due to a mediocre fit! Get set up right the first time and your body will continue thanking you for years to come.


All professional fits are performed by the owner of the store - Myles Cullen. Myles has been trained personally by the reknowned Michael Sylvester who developed the both the Serotta and Trek Fit Systems.


The Trek Fit System is an holistic approach to bike fit that carefully considers the rider's physiology and biomechanics before delving into making changes "by the numbers". Numbers and ratios and formulas for bike fitting would work great if we were machines. However, math cannot take into account people's varying levels of flexiblity, injury history, performance/comfort expectations and many other variables.

Our fittings take all of these factors into consideration and will deliver you a position on the bike that is both comfortable and powerful.


1. Detailed interview

2. Body measurements and observation

3. Pre-adjustment bike measurements

4. Fitting & tweaking

5. Post-adjustment bike measurements


 Approximately 2 hours



cycling shoes

cycling shorts & jersey


$249.99 (includes a 1-year fit guarantee so that if your needs/bike/body changes, we will re-fit accordingly)

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November 6, 2014

Hi Myles,

I wanted to let you know what you’ve done for my riding. You have transformed it!

At first I thought that a”Pro” bike fit might be overkill for a casual (not by choice) chubby, fifty..ish rider.  It is in fact the best money I’ve spent on this sport.  When others thought that I should be riding more up right (maybe they thought I’d break),you went the other direction and now I’m in the drops more often, and more comfortable.  

I’m getting more power to the wheels and I can feel the bike surge under acceleration and it makes me smile. My average speed is up from 22 kph to 25 kph over the season and cadence has improved as well.  It’s almost inconceivable that there was so much there that wasn’t be utilized.  I can’t thank you enough and will happily recommend it to anyone…except my brother in law, :)

Also a special thanks to Rusty who suggested it and many other things
John V.

April 14, 2014


I went for a road ride yesterday. I did feel more balanced between my seat and my hands. That felt good. 

I also like the slight movement backwards of the saddle. I felt it made me push back against the feeling of always inching forward on the saddle. Maybe that is the combination of the slight saddle movement and the shorter stem?

I'd like to get some more miles on, but I think all will be good.

So my feedback is, I'm happy with the fit. It was money well spent. I appreciate the time you took. I enjoyed the time talking to you. I would recommend the process to anybody that asks me if it is worth it. Thank you. 

Ray H.

April 14, 2013

Hi Myles, 

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the terrific job you did with my bike fit.  I am much more comfortable on long rides and feel I have a lot more power due to the new position on the bike.  Your knowledge and attention to detail is excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending your bike fit skills to anyone.  Thanks again.

Keith M.

March 26, 2012
Hi Myles,
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the bike fit I had this past Saturday.  I went for a 30k ride on Sunday and was just amazed out how comfortable I was on the bike.  No sore neck...being more upright is way better than what I had before!  The new seat post allowed the seat to be moved up giving me much more power.  The new saddle....what a difference!
You are extremely thorough in your bike fitting and take the time to explain what you are doing.  The little tips about posture and concentrating on my pedalling motion really have helped.
I recommend a bike fit by you for anyone purchasing a new bike, or re-fitting an old one. 
Thank you once again!
Shari L.

July 6, 2011

I had not heard of a bike fitting and was sceptical however this was recommended as I always expterienced some degree of discomfort post ride. Myles took the time too not only fit the bike to me but also fit me to the bike and activity level.

In addition a detailed physical analysis was completed of my body measurements and great suggestions for improvements on riding mechanics and bike setup were made. Some of the suggestions required spending money on parts but we were able to come up with priorities.

I have now ridden for over 2 months and about 1500km, My overall speed has increased consistently to about 25kph through hilling York Region, but I am not as stiff and recovery is faster with the bike set up. 

Thank you Myles I learned a lot. Well spent 2 hours highly recommended for those of us who want to improve the efficiency of our existing equipment and minimizing costs.

Steve D.

April 6, 2011

I have been building up my own bikes since the '80's and have evolved my set-up preference through reading, research and seat-of-the pants testing. I have been aware of professional bike fittings and the promise of increased comfort and performance for many years but never thought I would gain any substantial benefit from having someone else measure my inseam. 

Now, after going through the complete bike fit experience with you, I can honestly say, I wish I had of pursued this years ago. I felt noticeable improvements in both power and comfort on my first ride and that was performed on the trainer! I have had the opportunity to log up a few hundred kilometers outdoors since and am convinced, the sum total of the small changes made add up to a much greater whole. I was not aware how much time would be spent on measuring my flexibility and analyzing my posture, on and off the bike. This information has helped me to identify a couple of my limiters and given me a better understanding of some of the results I have observed from training and riding.

When I consider the investment I have made in bikes, parts, gear and Clif bars over the years, the cost for the bike fit becomes insignificant. You did a great job of not only performing the fit but explaining the science behind it all. It was very clear to me that you have taken the time to learn the process and understand well, what a good bike fit entails. I would recommend your services to anyone who was going to put any amount of serious saddle time in on their bike. Thanks again.

Chris R.

April 24, 2010

Hi Myles:

Thanks again for the fitting yesterday.

I managed to sneak in 22k today and I must say I noticed the difference. Spent most of the ride on the hoods and it was way more comfortable than before. Super comfortable on the flats too. The 10 degree change on the stem was worth it and being more upright better. Could definitely feel more power than before. Of course the shoes help, but with the new position on the bike I barely dropped below 30km/h even into the wind on flat road, with seemingly less output on my part.

No sore neck and the tips on hip and chest position helped. Still have to think about proper position, but it will come more naturally soon I am sure.

That was just the first ride, so I will send you and update once I progress. Just wanted to let you know I noticed an immediate difference from the bike fitting. You were extremely thorough and able to deal with my screwed up hips and wrist, which was impressive. Good luck racing Sunday.

John L.

February 25, 2010

Hello Myles,

The bike fit was a great experience. I'm very pleased with the result. You were professional and clearly expended your fit physiology. I always knew what your were trying to accomplish with each adjustment. The time spent listening to my past history was greatly appreciated. I look forward to giving you more detailed feed back in the spring.

I'm would recommend your fit services to anyone interested in improving there cycling experience.

Mike M.

March 3, 2009

Hi Myles,

My immediate feedback is that the time spent with you was excellent and the fit is great. You certainly have my recommendation. I am working on the "flat foot". It does take some getting used to. I now look forward to riding everyday versus my previous apprehension. Thanks very much. As you have probably noticed, I haven't been using my gloves... (great sign) and appreciate you sending them to me.

We'll be in touch. I can't thank you enough. Again, my congratulations and best wishes to both yourself and your wife upon the arrival of your first child. 

Joe D.