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Update on COVID-19 Operations

While much has changed in the public sphere over the past 8 weeks, the fact is that social distancing remains the new normal and this presents all businesses with significant obstacles to overcome when it comes to delivering the service and selection our customers expect.

The decision to keep our doors closed to the public was not taken lightly. In fact it wasn’t taken by me, the owner, at all. Like all major decisions at the store, I solicited the feedback of our stakeholders. We had a group meeting with our entire team and I asked them to envision what the “next stage” might look like. The conversation was unanimous in the support for maintaining our current safety protocols in an effort to both minimize risk to our extended families and to maintain the utmost efficiency.

Our primary commitment is to each other: I cannot ask my team to put themselves and their families in harms way to sell a tube - or even a $10,000 bike. No sale is worth jeopardizing the well-being of our crew who has worked relentlessly every day under a crush of pressure to keep the community rolling.

in the past month we have served customers from North Bay to Pickering and have shipped bikes from BC to PEI. People choose Spoke O’Motion because of our commitment to our customers and our drive to constantly reinvent what we do.

Our outside operations allow us to serve dozens of customers simultaneously while streamlining the process to ensure that simple things get dealt with quickly while complex sales get the time they need. I have yet to see a retailer do it better and we are always open to new ideas. Innovation and creativity are at the core of our business philosophy. We invite you to visit and join the fun that is the new retail.

Spoke O'Motion Leads the Industry

In an effort to continue providing the service levels our customers are used to while maintaining the safest possible environment for our team, our entire retail space is now dedicated to service and we have created a store without walls in our parking lot.
From bikes to shoes, flat repairs to helmets, chain lube to lights, we have devised a solution that makes these challenging circumstances all but transparent to our valued customers.
We are the only shop in the province to have changed the face of retail in such a comprehensive and proactive way.
Other than reduced hours, our retail environment is (almost) like any other season. Pay us a visit to see how Spoke O’Motion has changed the face of retail in your community.




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COVID-19 Safety Policies


  • We have a fully functional store operating outside
    • We will bring product outside for you to view, test, and evaluate
    • Test rides are allowed - bikes are disinfected before and after 
  • Maintain 6-foot distance from staff at all times


  • If you have a service bike to drop off, please put it in the bike rack
  • We are outside from open until close and will disinfect and evaluate your bike
  • Turnaround time has been severely impacted by a huge increase in volume and a reduction in our workforce due to social distancing requirements

We are working tireless to provide a safe workplace for our team and a safe shopping experience for our community.

These initiatives are not where we want to be – but it is where we are. Please respect our space and remember that we are all in this together.


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