Our Team is our life blood.

For every customer well-served; for every racer who hits the course with confidence; for every Mom and Dad heading out safely with junior for a weekend cruise around the park – behind each of these positive experiences lies a team of enthusiasts driven to deliver an enjoyable cycling experience.

We aren't a pressure-sales kind of place. Our commitment is to listen to your needs, ask the right questions, and then get the right tool between your legs. (Can I say that?)

Our veteran staff are the reason we are York Region's longest-running bike shop. Since 1988, we have been serving our community with honesty and respect. Come in for yourself to experience the Spoke O'Motion difference. Why treat yourself to anything less?



I entered the bike business for the purest of reasons: A passion for pedalling.

Whether it's a three hour road grind, twenty four solo hours of suffering, a gravity-fed adrenalin rush or an afternoon tooling around the skate park, if it's got two wheels you can count me in.

More than 15 years in cycling retail have taught me the importance of finding the right bike for the right rider. We're not here to sell you something, we're here to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Racing highlights:

  • 2003 24 Hours of Adrenalin, 5-man - 3rd place
  • 2003 Ontario Cup Championships, Senior Sport - 1st place
  • 2004 Canada Cup XC (Hardwood), Senior Expert - 3rd place
  • 2004 24 Hours of Summer Solstice, SOLO - 2nd place (20 laps, 315km)
  • 2005 Duke's Epic 8-hour, tag team - 2nd place
  • 2006 24 Hours of Summer Solstice, 5-man - 2nd place
  • 2008 Ontario Cup Series, Master Sport Champion (won 5 of 7 races)
  • 2008 Master 3 Provincial Road Race Championships - 1st place
  • 2008 Master 3 Provincial Hill Climb Championships - 1st place
  • 2009 24 Hours of Summer Solstice, 5-man - 2nd place
  • 2009 Coulson Hill Series Championships, Expert - 1st place
  • 2011 Hot August Nights 24-Hour, mixed 5-man - 1st place 

DEVIN LUTZ, Senior Team Leader

"Devin is a wizard on wheels. This man lives, breathes, and eats BMX." That was the quote from our last-generation web page.

But while this was most of Devin's story three years ago, Devin has evolved into one of Spoke O'Motion's greatest assets. With Devin's unending focus on customer satisfaction and creative resolutions to difficult mechanical and service issues, I can step away from the store with complete confidence that Devin will treat the store as his own.

My key staff are empowered. Empowered to make decisions and get things done. Empowered to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. And Devin demonstrates the value of this empowerment every day.

Further to this, Devin's scope has expanded tremendously over the past few years. While BMX is still his driving passion, Devin now also owns a Norco cross country dual suspension mountain bike and has come to love trail riding almost as much as the skate park.

He is also one of our three staff with expert bike fitting skills. Whether you are looking for a road or mountain bike, Devin will deliver good advice and ensure a perfect fit. After all, the best bike in the world isn't worth squat if it doesn't fit like a glove.

STEVE HAMILTONSenior Team Leader

Another key staff member that has been influential in driving our business forward, Steve is someone I count on in myriad ways. Whether it's a bike fit for a new road customer or helping me dig through a pile of orders, Steve is one of the few people I know who posseses both exceptional mechanical and technological skills.

Steve is instrumental in keeping our heads above water in the midst of the summer crush and his friendly, low-key demeanour reflects keenly the Spoke O'Motion ethos of honest, straight forward, non-pretentious salesmanship.

From the mechanical end of the spectrum, Steve is as thoroughly trained as they come. His completion of Norco Technical Training, Fox Shox training, wheel building expertise, and bike fit means that he is as comfortable spinning wrenches as he is dealing with suppliers.

You couldn't ask for a more well-rounded Team Leader - one that can lead by example in any situation he's thrown into.