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Tune-Ups & Repairs

A tuned biked is a happy bike. If your gears seem to have a mind of their own or your wheels have taken on a distinctive egg-like shape, then you need to stop by Spoke O'Motion and get your ride tuned up.

Our service goals are simple: Deliver timely service, offer quality advice, and remedy all issues the first time. To meet these goals, our staff receives rigorous technical training direct from our vendors and component manufacturers to keep their skills current in the face of evolving technologies.

We are fully stocked, trained, and prepared to perform almost any technical repair in-house. From suspension fork and shock rebuilds/tuning, brake bleeding and full hydraulic service, custom wheel building... If you need it we can do it.

Our tune-up packages are listed below. Individual services can be completed with à la carte pricing, but once you throw in additional tasks together the tune-ups are almost always the most cost effective route. Parts installation prices are also posted so that you will know what to expect when you arrive.


Please be aware that there is a minimum shop charge of $14.99.



  • Minor bike cleaning
  • Front & rear brake caliper alignment
  • Front & rear brake cable tension
  • Derailleur limit screw adjustment
  • Derailleur cable tension adjustment
  • Tighten and/or adjust headset
  • Tighten and/or adjust bottom bracket
  • Wheel true
  • Lubricate chain
  • Align stem
  • Tighten stem bolts
  • Check and tighten handlebar bolts
  • Check and tighten cranks bolts
  • Check and tighten brake lever bolts
  • Check and tighten disc rotor bolts
  • Check and tighten shifter bolts
  • Check and tighten seatpost bolts
  • Check and adjust tire pressure

Annual Tune-up


  • Service includes Minor Tune-up PLUS:
  • Disassemble, clean & repack headset
  • Disassemble, clean & repack bottom bracket (+ teflon tape on bb cups)
  • Disassemble, clean & repack hubs
  • Includes complete Drive Train Cleaning (see below for details)
  • Complete bike cleaning and polishing

  Drive Train Cleaning  


  • Crankset, chain, derailleurs, cassette all completely removed from bike
  • These parts are then scrubbed and degreased in a dedicated Parts Washer before reinstallation on your bike

Nothing makes your bike look or perform better than a perfectly clean drive train!


3M protective film -  Call for quote.

Assembly of a boxed bike - $119.99

Adjust brakes only - $29.99

Adjust gears only - $29.99

Complete detailing - $59.99

Derailleur hanger alignment - $14.99

Hydraulic brake bleed - $44.99 each

Flat repair - $14.99 + Tube

Fork rebuild - Call for quote.

Shock rebuild (excl. parts) - Call for quote.

Suspension pivot service - $79.99

Repack bottom bracket - $29.99

Repack headset - $29.99

Wheel build - $89.99

Wheel truing - $24.99 each

If you need more then a couple of the above services, consider a tune-up for improved value

Please understand that all prices quoted for service are estimates.

If, for reasons beyond our control, a part breaks during service or a task that was scheduled to take 10 minutes takes 60 minutes then that part of the additional labour is a billable expense to the customer.

Bikes left at the store more than 15 days after completion are subject to a $3/day storage fee.

Spoke O'Motion is in no way liable for parts that fail during, or subsequent to, any service performed at our shop.