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Spoke O'Motion Cycling Club


The Spoke O'Motion Cycling Club (SOMCC) is an Ontario Cycling Association affiliated  club whose goal is to create riding opportunities for riders of all abilities and experience levels.

Fundamentally, our mission is to create a low-stress, non-competitive, super-welcoming club that reflects the values of Spoke O'Motion itself: Every man, woman, and child should love riding their bikes whether it be for fun, fitness, utility, or competition. No one involved with Spoke O'Motion Cycling Club will ever look at you askew for being new to the sport, for making a mistake, or not being fit enough. We welcome ALL with open arms.

We aim to deliver rides for people of all skill levels, experience, and goals. Whether you are a new rider looking to learn about road etiquette, a hardcore mountain biker looking to pre-ride the latest Ontario Cup course, or a young ripper looking for coaching and instruction we want to pave the way for your growth in the sport.

After all, we are grassroots cycling.

For each of our weekday rides, there are two groups: An "A" group for faster riders and a "B" group that will stick to a more entry-level pace. These are NO DROP rides meaning no one ever gets left behind.

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Club Goals

Spoke O'Motion Cycling Club delivers:

  • up to three different weekly road ride opportunities
  • a portal to connect with local riders and make new friends
  • opportunity for new riders to be welcomed into the sport in a safe and friendly way
    • special junior programs targetting fitness and techniques
    • access to coaching through LTD Performance Cycling - both adults and youth!
  • a launch point for riders aspiring to competitive cycling
    • race support at venues
    • help with bike fitting/service
  • a destination for high performance athletes looking to ride for an established team
    • get profiled on our web site
    • get exclusive access to special buys and premium experiences
    • receive additional race support - pre-rides, mechanical support, feed zone support

Above all else, we are welcoming, friendly and focussed on fueling your passion for pedalling!

Participation Requirements

We want you to ride with us! But, before you do, you have to fulfill a few simple requirements.

First off, you need to click the link at the top of the page to become a member of our club. We are an incorporated store-sponsored not-for-profit club affilliated with Ontario Cycling. The least expensive license option is the Affiliated Club Membership - it only costs $51/year. If you want to race Ontario Cups, consider a provincial race license.

Membership dues are only $20 and are only used to cover the costs of fulfilling our legal responsibilities. The balance of the fees are collected by the Ontario Cycling Association to cover our club insurance.

Beyond that, all you need is:

  • a road bike in good working order
  • an approved cycling helmet
  • self-sufficiency (e.g. for flat repairs, water, food etc.)
  • a cell phone
  • ID and emergency information
  • proper cycling clothing
  • a basic understanding of group riding skills and/or a willingness to learn
  • a minimum level of fitness (e.g. able to ride for 1 hour at an average speed of around 22 km/hr)

Plus, don't forget your winning smile and fantastic attitude. :) We're here for a good time.

Weekly Group Rides

Starting Point

All rides leave from the Spoke O'Motion storefront at 17915 Leslie Street. It is very important that people arrive on-time and are ready to ride at our scheduled departure times. Everyone has a busy life and busy schedules - please respect your fellow club members!

Tuesday Evenings - Beginner/Women's Night

Details: This ride will be split into two distinct groups catering to riders of different experience levels. If you are new to road riding and would like join a group of non-competitive riders to learn the basics about shifting, etiquette, and the rules of group riding, then this night is for you. Whenever possible, this group will have a female Ride Leader and we are really encouraging women to join us for this instructional, friendly ride catering specifically to the needs of new riders.

Duration: 60 - 90 minutes

Average Speed: 22 - 26km/h

Start time: 6:00pm

Thursday Evenings - Beginner/Intermediate

Details: This ride will be split into two distinct groups catering to riders of different experience levels. If you are new to road riding and would like join a group of non-competitive riders to learn the basics about shifting, etiquette, and the rules of group riding, then this night is for you. If the Beginner night is no longer offering the challenge you are looking for, step up to our Thursday night program.

Duration: 60 - 90 minutes

Average Speed: 25 - 29km/h

Start time: 6:00pm

Saturday Mornings - Intermediate/Advanced (NOT RUNNING YET)

Details: Saturday's gives the chance for beginner riders to spread their wings a little bit. Once you have a firm grasp on the demands of a Tuesday night beginner ride, consider joining this higher-tempo, longer duration effort. Speeds will, like always, be moderated by the group. The thing to remember is that the herd only moves as fast as the slowest buffalo. It doesn't matter if you are the slowest buffalo, just join us to push your boundaries and expand your physical and mental horizons. You never know what you can accomplish until you DO IT!

Duration: 1.5-3 hours

Average Speed: 28 - 32km/h

Start time: 8:00am

Sunday Mornings - Hammer Time (Advanced Only)

Details: Sunday rides are not for the feint of heart. Expect an entertaining ride with some hard efforts, some attacks and counters, an increased tempo, and a longer duration. Oftentimes some of our members will be away at races, so this aggressive pace may be lighter on occasion but count on a good workout for the experienced cyclist. Advanced formations and time trial-style work is to be expected. This is the day for the big dogs to bare their teeth and work each other over. Good times! ;)

Duration: 1.5-3 hours

Average Speed: 30 - 38km/h

Start time: 8:00am

Approved Routes

The routes linked below were created to help ride leaders choose rides appropriate to the skills levels, experience, and fitness of our particpants on a given night. We encourage riders to come prepared to stretch their limits - but we always must maintain a focus on inclusivity. Club members are expected to self-regulate what rides they attend. For example, if you cannot maintain a 30km/h average speed, please do not come for a Sunday "Advanced" ride where our fastest riders are expecting to beat each other senseless. It's not fair to the rest of the group. Ideally, our groups will become large enough where we could split any given ride into multiple groups based on ability but we are not (typically) there yet. Using our private WhatsApp room, please communicate your needs and wants so we ca nevolve and accomodate all. It is your club and we need your voice to help make it better.

Group Ride Best Practices

Cycling has the potential to be a dangerous sport. One critical role for our club is to educate riders in the best practices for safely riding in groups on the road.

All club members must read our Rules and Regulations for Group Rides. This document contains important information that ensures your safety and the safety of those with whom you will share the road.

Further to the rules posted above, all members are also required to be familiar with our Risk Management Plan.

Once you have spent some time reading those documents you are ready to hit the road!

Ride safe. Ride smart. Safety is an ongoing commitment.

Club Documents

Club By-Laws

Key Club Policies

Risk Management Plan (including COVID policies)